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Greenland Lion Kenya Ltd is a real Estate and Property firm that offers a unique and unprecedented value proposition covering all the core skills and requirements fundamental to the success of a real estate venture.

Greenland lion kenya ltd is Kenya’s home for property listing whether for sale or for rent. Find new house and land packages, new apartments or new land estates in our new homes section where you can also view the latest new home designs. Our aim is to deliver to you the best services and cater for the real estate boom in Kenya; specifically Mombasa,Kilifi and Malindi. We help buyers, investors, owners and developers meet their needs .

Greenland lion kenya ltd is actively involved in property development, to meet ever increasing need for housing in Kenya. The Kenya real estate boom has arisen because many investors have switched their savings from the low-yield treasury bills to the hugely profitable property market. This has been complemented by banks introducing and aggressively marketing various mortgage products.
The comparatively low Kenya property prices are indicative of a strong capital growth potential and reasonable rental yields. The latter is attributable to the fact that currently, Kenya’s annual housing demand stands at 150,000 yet supply is only 25,000 units, resulting in a shortage of 125,000 units. With this great need for housing, Greenland lion kenya  has a prime objective in the development of new housing projects and partnering with other developers who share in this vision.
We have credible experience in property development, marketing, sale and management not only in Kenya, but also internationally, with a combined experience Professional Services.


‘’At Greenland lion kenya ltd, our mission is to be your first pick for your housing needs and when venturing into real estate investments. Our aim is to walk the journey as your most preferred real estate partner’’


The vision of Greenland lion kenya ltd , is to be the leading team in housing the world

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